Food Testing Companies In Mumbai


Food is an essential part in your daily life

In order to stay healthy you have to make sure that the food you’re having is properly checked under the FSSAI standards


Food Testing companies will help you to get rid of all problems like

Food Adulteration

Food Poisoning

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Why you need Food Testing Companies?

  • Food Testing Companies helps you to classify your product according to government regulations
  • They help you determine the processing requirements for your specific food product under FSSAI standards.
  • Also, the Food Testing Companies help clients in solving Quality related problems with Food. If your product is not tested properly, then it can ruin the goodwill of your company.

How can Food Testing Companies help Food Businesses?

Before starting a food business in India, you have to get certain approvals from the FSSAI

It Includes

FSSAI Product Approval

FSSAI Label Validation

FSSAI License

An FSSAI License is mandatory as per the Food Safety and Standards Regulations 2011 for any food business or restaurant
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Why is it necessary to have an FSSAI License?

An FSSAI License ensures that proper information has been provided by the manufacturer of the food products. For restaurants and food outlets, an FSSAI License implies that hygienic and safe food handling practices are followed

Different Aspects of Food Testing

Nutritional Labeling

A complete information about the nutritional value of the processed food is necessary part of Labeling. In fact, since the year 2007, Nutritional Labeling was made mandatory for all pre-packed foods.

The nutritional information helps the consumer make an informed choice about the processed food

Shelf Life Analysis

Shelf Life Analysis helps you to determine how long the processed food would be edible. This helps you maintain your inventory at the retail outlets, and also keeps the consumer informed.

The presence of the following microbes will be analysed during shelf life testing service : pH, Water Activity, SalmonellaE. ColiStaph, Aureus, Aerobic Plate Count, Listeria, Mold

Sensory Evaluation

Sensory evaluation is a science for evaluating consumer food or beverages that precisely defines and measures senses like sight, smell, taste, touch, sound and emotions.

The parameters are scientifically evaluated, which helps the manufacturers and marketers take efficient decisions

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