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With growing technology and logistics, we can now consume food that have been made in distant cities. This has made food safety all the more necessary.

This is where Food Testing Laboratories help you to analyse your packaged food product, and ensure that your products are safe to consume.

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Getting into Food Business is not an easy task.Testing of food products requires detailed and precise analysis and scientific technology. The FSSAI requires that the food testing be done in accordance with the present laws, so as to ensure safety for the customers


Label Review

After the enforcement of the Food Safety & Standards Act, 2006, it is a regulatory requirement that the food product label has to be in compliance with the packaging & labelling requirements. Our experts have reviewed thousands of labels and have helped the food business community to meet the labelling compliance; we can help you as well.

FSSAI License Consultancy

It is legally essential for any Food Business Operator in India to have an FSSAI License. An approval from FSSAI guarantees customers that the food is hygienic and clean.

FSSAI Compliance has become mandatory for everyone in the Food Industry like hotels, restaurants, food chains, packaged-food manufacturers, canteens in schools, colleges and corporate, importers and exporters etc.

FSSAI Product Approval

As per FSSR 2011, Food Business Operators shall not manufacture, distribute, sell or import any novel food, genetically modified articles of food, irradiated food, organic foods, foods for special dietary uses, functional foods, neutraceuticals, health supplements, proprietary foods and such other articles without prior testing that their product is good for human consumption.

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